L'Etat C'est Nous

from Alter Ego by Dylan Bell



There are three million young voters out there... but they have the lowest voter turnout of any age group. Why? It's simple... the politicians know that young people don't vote, so they don't bother to listen. The youth know the politicians aren't listening, so they don't bother voting. And so the vicious circle goes.

Well, it’s election time again, and I decided to encourage youth voting the best way I know how: with the Awesome Power of Old-Skool Disco. Break the circle, folks: if you get out and vote, they'll be forced to listen to you. Take a listen, send this to everyone you know, and get out and vote, dammit!


Ecoutez-Vous, L’Etat C’est Nous
(Listen Up… This Country Is Ours!)

People, people, in Parliament:
We’re the Younger Generation and we’re here to represent
We’re sick and tired of being ignored
So we’ll kick it to you Old-Skool on the disco floor

You think without us, you can get along?
I guess that you forgot that’s we’re three million voters strong
Say we’re apathetic, say that we don’t care
We’re gonna vote in numbers and you’ll all be running scared

L’Etat C’est Nous, L’Etat C’est Nous
Ecoutez-Vous, say L’Etat C’est Nous
L’Etat C’est Nous, L’Etat C’est Nous
Ecoutez-Vous, say L’Etat C’est Nous

Oh Ecoutez-Vous: L’Etat C’est Nous

You help the children, you help the old
But you left my generation freezing in the cold
Helping “Working Families” seems so inspired…
But I’ll be eating Kraft Dinner ‘till the day that I retire


Aww, people, people, do what you gotta do
It’s time to take back what belongs to you
So let’s boogie on down, and spread the word
We’re gonna get the vote out and we’ll make our voices heard!


from Alter Ego, released February 19, 2010
Dylan Bell - all voices and instruments


all rights reserved



Dylan Bell Toronto, Ontario

In a word... multifaceted. Toronto-based songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. From a neo-classical choral opus to an unabashed rock song, I've probably written it... or at least working on it. I'm fortunate enough to make my work my play, touring across North America, Europe, and Asia. Visit me at www.dylanbell.ca ... more

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